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In general

Q.What is the dak IMG?
Images are sold to be used in promotional materials and advertising website. Illustrations and icons are aligned in 3DCG Image stationery, office supplies, vehicles, tools, and PC-related.
Q.What is the format of the image?
The basic format is JPEG format or PNG. For those with no background, such as the icon is a transparent PNG.
Q.It now contains "DESGINALIKIE" of the sample, is entering the data delivery?
For watermark for copy protection, "DESGINALIKIE" sample are not included in the purchase data.
Q.Is there a bigger size?
Please note that we may have a large size, by illustrations, please contact us .
Q.Do you sell other color illustrations?
Please note that we may have a large size, by illustrations, please contact us .
Q.Are there any other kinds of illustrations?
There are also illustrations of the differences and variations in the color of the other things that are not open to the public.Please contact us .

With materials used

Q.All they have to do with what purpose?
And advertising web site, please use as an icon illustrations and promotional materials.
Q.How many times you may be the use?
If you purchase one, if Royalty-free (RF), there are no restrictions on the number and the one you want to use. Rights-managed case is limited by the illustrations.
Q.If the royalty-free forever (RF) is the expiration date?
If the royalty-free (RF), there is no limit to the expiration date. Rights-managed case is limited by the illustrations. Contact Us Please contact us.

For free material

Q.All they have to do anything to use?
The sequence can be used freely in commercial use such as advertising, is prohibited sold or transferred to others. DESIGNALIKIE copyright owners.
Q.Copyright "DESIGNALIKIE" and "dak" in the image of the material you may use the erase?
This notation is required "dak" copyright-free material.

With purchase

Q.Transfer rates of time?
I will send you an email stating the order and procedures after the order contents and the payee. Please transfer payment by the due date.
Q.How to obtain material data?
After confirming payment by Paypal, I will send you by e-mail, or if download URL, or a small number of the transfer.

About copyright and license

Q.What is the (RF) Royalty-free?
Buyer is freely available without restriction on the number of purchase data and the period after purchase. However, I can not resell or give to others.
Q.What is the (RM) Rights Managed?
Is in the license, and there is a limit to the number of sequence period and use media. While there is a limit order, is managing the license, you can check if there are conflicts with such competitors. It is also possible to use monopoly in a certain range depending on the conditions. Ask for details.
Q.Whose illustrations and icons copyright like?
Image Copyright is owned by DESIGNALIKIE icons and illustrations. Is what gives the right to use the image data is purchased.
Q.The may be to resell?
No. The act prohibits the resale of a single illustration. Please use it as part of the material of the advertising materials and websites.

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